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The Willow RV Waratah series provides ample space and luxury without sacrificing either. Offering great value, it ranks among the most competitive vans on the market. With an open-plan living setup, a spacious rear ensuite, and a gourmet kitchen, it’s perfect for long trips. Additionally, it has extra sleeping space, including a large 1830mm x 2000mm caravan king bed, making it an ideal choice for weekend getaways or long-term travel.

Let your adventure of Australia begin...

Once on the road experiencing one of our new caravans, the only thing you’ll want to change is your destination, you have the freedom to visit remote getaways for extended stays without being dependent on town amenities. Wake up to a new view every day without wasting precious time packing up tents and sleeping bags.

Willow RV Warranty

Willow RV Warranty
At Willow RV, we know that confidence in the ability of your caravan is paramount to the success and enjoyment of your travels.

Willow RV offers a 3-year structural warranty on all components manufactured by Willow RV. Bought-in fitted components are supported by component suppliers' own warranty terms and conditions.

From the moment you register your brand new Willow, you are covered, so let your journey begin and enjoy the peace of mind that a Willow RV offers.

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