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A Willow RV new caravans are designed purely for your enjoyment while travelling and is outstanding value for money, being one of the most highly competitive caravans available on the market. Our standard inclusions are often offered as paid extras, but we like to go the extra mile for our valued owners. Attention to detail in every single caravan we produce, means you get the highest quality van for your hard earned money, which translates to less time servicing and repairing, and more time travelling.

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Welcome to Willow RV New Caravans

Our range of new caravans is a reflection of our design philosophy of quality and innovation. At Willow RV we understand that unpredictable weather and extreme climates mean our customers are looking for a sanctuary away from the elements as much as a way to be closer to nature, and that’s why we put as much care into our interiors as our exteriors.

Solidly built new caravans with quality standard features from roof to road, our chassis are extremely tough, made of fully welded, hot dipped galvanised Australian steel. Willow RV new caravans surprisingly lightweight and smooth to tow, our range of caravans will gladly follow wherever you venture, and once there you can fully relax and unwind without a care in the world.

Your Willow new caravans will become your home away from home, fully equipped with modern appliances and luxurious finishes. Enjoy a vast range of standard options, while also experiencing the creature comforts of ergonomically comfortable seating, easy to reach appliances and loads of storage.

Once on the road experiencing one of our new caravans, the only thing you’ll want to change is your destination, you have the freedom to visit remote getaways for extended stays without being dependent on town amenities. Wake up to a new view every day without wasting precious time packing up tents and sleeping bags.