No caravan to preview – No worries!

Meet the Gounder Gang – this is not their first rodeo! Being veteran caravan owners, with 2 previous vans and plenty of Kilometres under their belts, this adventure loving family is getting ready to hit the road full time in their brand new Willow RV Conifer 620! This may not seem odd to you, however, the Gounder Gang have never once set foot in any Willow van prior to purchase!

We can hear the surprise as you read “what?” “are they insane?” “who buys a van without ever seeing it in person?”. It’s a simple answer really, Willow owners are fierce defenders of the brand and they can’t wait to tell everyone and anyone about them. So, when Kristin joined the Willow Caravans Owners Group (which incidentally is completely separate from the company, run by a passionate Willow owner of The Wandering Willow fame), she got more than she bargained for, with owners offering everything from a video walk through of their family van (you know who you are VanRoam’n), comment answers to her questions, phone calls with owners and private messages to help her make the decision!

Between the support she received from Rob at Murray Bridge Caravan and Outdoor Centre and the hordes of happy owners on the Willow Owners Group page on Facebook, Kristin and her husband decided it was a no-brainer.

“We had spent months researching and viewing vans across the country on our travels and were just utterly disappointed. We were focused on getting a great quality van, with independent suspension, that had no timber in the frame and was Australian made and we kept hearing about these Willow RV vans. They ticked all the boxes! So, after a lot of searching, we found Rob at Murray Bridge Caravans in South Australia and then joined the Willow Owners Group.

To be able to find out the good, the bad and the ugly from real owners is what really helped us make our decision. We have never once been inside an actual Willow RV van, but based on Rob’s help and the amazing video, phone calls and private messaging conversations with current owners, we just had to get one and we can’t wait to pick it up!”

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