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Designed for more mature travelling, the Conifer 660 has perfected the science of layout and space to deliver an efficient, comfortable and personalised travelling experience. Built solid with passion, enjoy quality features from roof to road. Smooth and lightweight to tow, but tough enough to handle the Australian roads, your Conifer 660 will gladly follow you wherever you want to go. Then, on arrival, quick and simple set up means you’re relaxing in no time and ready to unwind without a care in the world. 

For the couple who wants everything perfect, your Conifer 660 is the ideal home away from home. Fully equipped with modern appliances, luxurious finishes and individual beds with reclining functionality for maximum comfort, you can set up your van your way. Enjoy the huge range of standard features that are often sold as “additional extras” elsewhere, while also experiencing those creature comforts you can’t live without! 

Ergonomical seating, easy to reach appliances and plenty of storage are just some of the features you’ll enjoy in your Conifer 660. Designed for pure comfort and extremely good value for money, our attention to detail and design excellence from the ground up, means you spend less time setting up and more time relaxing.

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The Conifer Series Brochure has everything you need to know about purchasing the right caravan for your next adventure.

Conifer 660 – Floor Plan//Technical Specifications

Willow RV Warranty

With Willow RV, you are more covered than ever with our 3-year warranty on all aspects of the van manufacture and assembly. Standard across our entire caravan range!

From the moment you register your brand new Willow, we have you covered, so let your journey begin and enjoy the peace of mind that a Willow RV offers.

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Willow RV Front Boot Design Options

Single Front Boot Design

Our single boot opening option is ideally suited to people who are looking for a clean and clear drawbar with limited accessories attached.

Double Front Boot Design

Our double front boot opening option is ideally suited for when gas bottles or toolbox accessories are attached to the drawbar.

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